The end of social media buttons?

Along with the new Google Logo design, all their services received an update. Including the Google +1 buttons

That reminded me that I'm maintaining the Drupal Google Plus button module still.

Although it has more than 5000 installations, the module hasn't got any new issues for a year!. And the rate of installations of the module have been going down. Why?

Google+ never has been popular, and it's confusing and/or irritating for most of the users.

But I liked it. Full of tech people, science, Ingress fans, Googlers, and even Linus Torvalds posts quite often. I was quite active user on Google+, but I lost interest at some point, specially since Google dismantled the project into smaller products. If they don't believe in their product, who will?

I understand totally the loss of interest on Google+ and their Google +1 button.

But is it only the Google +1 button? What about other platforms?

This is a Google Trends search of the terms:

  • addthis
  • facebook button
  • twitter button
  • google plus button

This surprised me, I have to say. It seems this is a bigger trend.

I don't understand 100% the reason for the huge drop of interest on social media buttons.

Could it be that mobile devices users share content in a different way, without using these buttons?

Any insights?